Stamps Post Office


  • Sg 408 2/6d Blackish Brown De La Rue Seahorse N64 (14) Vfu Army Post Office Cds
  • Sg 406 2/6d Yellow Brown N64 (6) De La Rue Seahorse Vfu Army Post Office Cds's
  • 1918 Palestine Army Post Office Censored Cover To Cairo Egypt
  • 1901 Boer War, Jubilee Cancelled Army Post Office Elandsfontein On Piece, Vfu
  • 1943 Hasselfelde Germany Luftfeldpost Army Post Office Cover
  • Us Army + Air Force Post Office To Ship Caronia Hong Kong 1956 Agent Butterfield
  • 1944 Czechoslovakia Army In Britain Field Post Office Censored Cover Benes Cance
  • 1905 Tientsin China Postcard Cover French Post Office To France Colonial Army
  • 1905 Tsingtao China German Post Office Army Cover To Germany
  • Ap8 Military Aviation Cover 1921 Early Air Mail Army Post Office Germany London
  • Mandate Blues #1 Used 1 Piaster Stamp Tied By Barred Army Post Office Cancel
  • 1919 France Us Army Post Office Postcard Cover Escadrille Mf 23 Airforce Label
  • 1944 Canadian Army Post Office England Censored Postmark Cover To Winnipeg
  • 1920 British Levant Block 9x 2/6 Brown Seahorses Army Post Office Sx3 Cat. £675++
  • 1919 France Us Army Post Office Postcard Cover Escadrille Mf 62 Airforce Label
  • 1918 Army Post Office Palestine Picture Postcard Censored Cover To Paris France
  • Russian Imp Town View Kharbin Manchzhurian Army Post Office Pc Regimental Stamp